Fair Fun

This past week was the annual Santa Barbara County Fair! The fair is annually held at the Earl Warren Showgrounds in Santa Barbara! It is a place to hang out with friends while getting on some fun rides, and enjoying some great food and music as well! 



For as long as I can remember the fair has been one of my absolute favorite things to attend. I love the food, mainly the funnel cakes!! But, I also love the rides, music, and everything else that takes place. It’s five days of fun and rides! This year, I attended the fair two out of the five days  

ferris wheel
Ferris Wheel Views

I went on Friday night with a couple of close friends and had so much fun! I also went on Saturday with another close friend named Ali! We had a great time going on rides and seeing all our other friends.  My favorite ride was the ferris wheel! Ali and I had a blast on it! There were many other rides as well. Some more exciting and thrilling than others. One of my favorites was Inversion! It was super fun and one of the more exhilarating rides. Along with rides and entertainment they also have farm animals, like pigs and cows. Ali did not enjoy the cows so much! 

Not too thrilled about cows

With all the excitement and chaos comes some negative aspects to the fair! One of the cons of the fair is the amount of people that show up! It tends to be a little overwhelming!     So you know what that means, the more people there are, the longer you wait in line for rides. There are people everywhere! But nonetheless, it’s cool to see that many people come to have some fun. It’s also fun to see friends that don’t go to school with me, or old friends that I have not seen in a while. 

Swarm of people

The fair never seems to disappoint, It is always fun and exciting and this year wasn’t any different! I created some amazing memories with some of my best friends and I look forward to next years fair and can only hope it is just as fun!

xoxo, sienna


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