Running is a way to free yourself. Whether it be from homework, work, stress, or just anything in general, it is a way to clear your mind and let yourself be free.

Running hasn’t always been something I enjoyed. For a long time, it was like a burden to me. I absolutely hated it! I would complain and fuss about being tired and now it has become an outlet and something I really enjoy doing.
I recently went on a run with my brother. Running for my brother and I, is a way for us to relieve stress and just get away from the rest of the world for a bit. We both are currently overwhelmed with the amount of studying that needs to be done in the next couple of weeks and running clears our minds. It also is a good way for us to bond and catch up with each other. We have conversations that allow for us to get to see a different side of each other that we don’t see often, and I think its important to do so with the people that are closest to you.
But anyway, back to running! Besides relieving stress, we get to see some pretty spectacular views. Franceschi Park in Santa Barbara is probably one of our favorite spot to run to. It’s all uphill and for sure one of the harder runs we do but it is definitely worth it! The view is beyond amazing.

Franceschi Park
I also love to run with my friends! We usually begin at  East Beach and run to Santa Barbara City College. There are so many things to do along the way, which makes it a lot more exciting and fun. I recently when on a run with 2 of my best friends Leslie and Sam around 8pm. It was freezing out and there was a lot of overcast, which looked straight out of a movie! When we got to SBCC, we ran to the top of the stadium so that we could capture the super cool view. That was for sure one of my favorite runs!
Santa Barbara City College
All in all, running is something I thoroughly enjoy and something I know I will continue to do, for as long as I can!
xoxo, sienna

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