Flowers. Flowers, are some of the most beautiful and intriguing things to look at, and every one is very different.Recently, I have come to appreciate flowers and people a lot more. Flowers have never been my cup of tea and i’ve never seen why some people are so fascinated by them, but recently I realized how much flowers (metaphorically) relate to humans and how they resemble and manifest many similarities.

yellow flower

Flowers vary in shape, size, color, and everything in between. Some are tall, some are short. Some are white, others pink.

To me, flowers are an accurate representation of humans, all unique and different their own way. The blossoming and growth of a flower is also a representation of how we blossom and grow as of people. With water and the proper nutrients, a seed grows and blossoms into a beautiful flower, as do we. We grow and develop into who we are meant to become. rose

Along the way, flowers will lose petals or leaves, and usually they live on without them and continue to blossom. We as humans do the same. We lose people or things that are near to our hearts or maybe even just lose ourselves. But regardless, we strive everyday to continue on. It personally taught me how to gracefully let go of things that are no longer meant for me. 


So this was just an appreciation for flowers and their beauty.  I was inspired by a house, not far from my own, that has a front yard covered in pink roses. I was walking with my mom, who lovessss flowers, and she pointed them out. For some odd reason, they seemed to have really caught my attention. They stood out more than flowers ever have to me. Now unfortunately I was not able to capture a picture of them but believe me when I say, it was quite a sight. Flowers have never been something that I have liked but recently they have shown me a new perspective. I think it’s important for us to get out of our own heads, and open our minds to what the world can show us. It’s important to not stray away from things we would normally not be interested in. There’s always something you can take from it.


xoxo, sienna


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