Spring Breakers

Moving. Eating. Sleeping. Babysitting. That about sums up my spring break. Quite boring, right?  While everyone was out in Hawaii and Cabo and just taking trips up and down the coast, I was at home unpacking boxes, taking about 5 naps a day, and watching my lil nugget, Kiara.

Kiara was very amused

It was not an ideal spring break, but it was alright. I chose to spend most of my time at our new place taking a break from life, only because the week prior to spring break, was not only very stressful but a really hard week in general.

The only time I really came into contact with people besides my family, was when my friend Sam came over, when I took my dog on walks, and when I would go walk across the street to a liquor store to intake my daily dose of hot cheetos.

Walking my dog has been something that I thoroughly enjoy. While taking my dog on walks, I was able to become more familiar with the new neighborhood and explore the cool places it has. There isn’t much, but I think that’s something really cool about moving. You get to go outside of your comfort zone and find these new places to feast your eyes on and explore. Although this part of town has never been my favorite, I am slowly but surely adjusting to the many differences it has.

JPEG image-29F79E01D01F-1.jpg
Exploring the new neighborhood

One day when my friend Sam came over, we decided to make a trip to Backyard Bowls. Backyard Bowls is a little eatery in Santa Barbara with acai bowls, hot porridges, and smoothies. It it really popular in this area and I think anyone would say that everyone is highly advised to try it! I suggested that we walk there only because I knew it wouldn’t be very far. That was only the second time I had been walking around the new area, and I didn’t really know where I was going. I figured we’d just keep walking and sure enough we would hit State St. (which are both very familiar with) and then carry on from there. Well… about 10 minutes into our walk we ended up right behind Backyard Bowls. I realized it was definitely closer than I anticipated. I got the usual, and perhaps the most popular of all the bowls they have, an Island Bowl, which may I add, is probably my favorite thing in the world, besides hot cheetos, of course. That was one of my favorite days of my spring break, probably because it was the longest duration of time that I didn’t spend in my room, binge watching episodes of 90210.

Island Bowlssss


All in all, my spring break was not full of adventures, long car rides, and trips to cool and breathtaking countries and islands, but it sure distinctive!

Im sorry I was not able to write about these cool new things I did and discovered, or how amazing it was to be in a foreign country, or even just about an intriguing adventure I took in Santa Barbara, because I did none of that, but I can and did write about my dog walks and the boring little adventures I had with one of my best friends. 

xoxo, sienna

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