Human beings are singlehandedly the most complicated thing to ever exist. We push everyday, despite our obstacles, to be the best we can be. Life is a roller coaster. Life isn’t perfect and it never will be. There will be bumps in the road but without them, you wouldn’t be who you are today. If life didn’t have those bumps, it would just be a cleanly paved road, and frankly that would be quite boring.


You have to open your heart to the world can show you. Now evidently, life doesn’t always introduce you to the people or things to want to meet/encounter, but rather the people and things you NEED to encounter. To love you and to hurt you, but to also strengthen you into the person you were meant to become. Being only 16, I’ve had my fair share of bumps in the road. But I learned that life doesn’t get better, you get better. Beautiful things can come out of horrible situations. Out of sadness you get a new found insight on how the world can look when you’re upset. You learn to see the world in a different perspective. You learn and realize how people can be so ignorant. But when you really take time to look at it, it is so alluring. When your frustrated or angry, your whole being heats up and you feel you heart is about to burst out of your chest. This is when you know you’re alive. That on it’s own is amazing. You’re feelings are there and they shouldn’t be suppressed. Not only is it okay to feel whatever it is that you feel, but it’s completely valid, and only makes you that much more human. What you feel is so potent and it’s a blessing in disguise to be able to feel what you feel. Certainly, situations will elicit emotion that aren’t particularly ideal, but you continue to grow and persevere. Our emotions are like an ocean. Constantly changing and fluctuating.


After all I think that’s what it’s all really about, growing and learning from your emotions and overcoming the obstacles that life throws at you.

Sometimes life will be incredibly beautiful and other times it will be horrifyingly challenging, but you just gotta take both.

Sunset at Butterfly Beach
Sunset at Butterfly Beach

xoxo, sienna


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