My Partner in Crime

This is Kiara Grace. kikiiii.jpg Kiara is my 9 month old niece who has impacted the lives of my family in so many ways. She is the smartest little girl ever and loves to smile, eat, poop, and nap.  She has changed my life, for the better. We are extremely close and I have already grown a really strong bond with her. She makes me happy. When I’m sad, upset, or just not feeling life, I know I can count on her to bring a smile to my face. Kiara is my 24 year old brothers daughter. She is his motivation, his drive, his everything. And together, we love to go on little road trips and adventures. Our favorite place is the zoo! Last weekend my brother, Kiara, and I went to the zoo. Kiara loves the zoo. Not necessarily the animals, but more the people. She loves to watch the other kids run around and all the people. I love the face she makes when we arrive. Her whole face lights up and she kicks her feet everywhere. We go to our local Santa Barbara Zoo.  At the zoo, we look at the animals, ride the train, and eat dip n dots! Our favorite animals are the giraffes, the leopards, and the elephants.

Along with going to the zoo, Kiara has this fascination with the beach. We go to Stearn’s Warf, which is a local pier in Santa Barbara and watch the boats and people fishing!

View from Stearn’s Warf

We sit along the edge of the pier and just watch the water in motion. You look out and see endless ocean. Just a big mass of different shades of blue. You look back and see the amazing city of Santa Barbara. There’s so much to feast your eyes on. Kiara loves to watch the pelicans and pigeons flying around and landing near her.

pier 2
Sitting in a stroller is hard work; hydration is key.

I myself, am a big fan of watching sunsets. Recently, my brother and I took Kiara to see her first sunset and another local beach in Santa Barbara. We sat at the very well known “Wall at Butterfly Beach.” Kiara loves the wind in her face and the sound of the waves crashing. It was super cool to see how intrigued she was by it all and how happy and calm she was just sitting there. Kiara came into our family at a time when we all were lost and dealing with a lot. She drastically changed that and is such an amazing little girl that I know will accomplish so much. When my brother left for college, our relationship faded, and we weren’t very close. We were all so focused on our own things and we lost sight of each other. But now we are closer than ever.  I think it’s safe to say that Kiara has managed to better the relationship I have with my brother, and has brought us closer together. Finally, Im so thankful that she’s around and that I now have a little partner in crime and a friend for life. The best is yet to come, and I can’t wait to see what the world has in store for Kiara and I.

xoxo, sienna














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