My Light

Music has and always will be something really important to me. Not many people know this about me, but I love music. I listen to music in the morning while I get ready, while I walk to school, while I do my work, when i’m in the shower, pretty much at anytime. Music has always been something that, to me, is really empowering, in the sense that it is kind of like writing, just with a beat and some rhythm. I’ve always loved how words to a song can captivate someone and make them feel so close to something they are only listening to. For me, music speaks to me on a different level. It’s a coping mechanism and it’s what I turn to for emotional self-care. It takes my thoughts and lays them out for me, because sometimes, I feel like other people can express what i’m feeling better than I can.



I think that while listening to a certain genre of music or a specific song, the characteristics you entitle, have a lot to do with what emotions you feel and what parts of the song elicit certain reactions. Therefore, everyone interprets and portrays songs differently, which I think is super cool. Music is much more powerful than language and has the power to fluctuate emotions. But I don’t always listen for the words, I listen for beats and bars.

When people ask me what my favorite genre of music is, I can never give  them an answer because I like it all. So here are a list of some of my current favorite songs:

  • Never Be Like You feat. Kai – Flume
  • AVSTIN JAMES – Backseat XE3 (Kendrick Lamar X Wheathin)
  • Night Job featuring J. Cole – Bas
  • Lose It (Jerry Folk Remix) – Oh Wonder
  • KungFuKiller – esta.
  • We’re Alone ft. blackbear – DYSN
  • Say My Name and White Lies – ODESZA
  • Waves ft. Travis Scott – Miguel
  • Chemistry ft. blackbear – Skizzy Mars
  • Flow – Saavan
photo 3

As much as I love sitting in my room and blasting music, I love going to concerts. I’ve  been to a wide variety of concerts, and all have been different, but quite the experience. A couple of the artists I’ve seen live are: blackbear, Mod Sun, Skizzy Mars,  OneRepublic, Bruno Mars, Hunter Hayes, and many more. I love the feeling of being surrounded by people that love that artist just as much as I do.The best feeling in the world is when music takes over your body. You can’t help but jump to the beat and try to sing the lyrics. A band/singer/rapper you’ve been waiting to see forever in concert and then their finally there in front of you.  You’re hyped, adrenaline kicks in, and your whole body and being lights up. The moment is real, yet feels surreal. That’s the best feeling. That’s what I think music is all about. Taking you to a different place and allowing you to be free.

Victoria and gnash

All in all, music is something really important to me and is definitely something I would not be able to live without. It truly is something that myself and many others use as an  outlet. This may sound corny but music is there for me when no one else is, and no matter what, I know it will never let me down. I suggest that you find something that brings light to you and cherish the feeling of happiness it brings. I found my light in music and writing.






xoxo, sienna

For more of my favorite music follow me on SoundCloud: Sienna Gonzalez


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