Don’t Let a Bad Moment Turn into a Bad Day

Hello! Im back with another blog post! Today I wanted to talk a little more about what I do day to day and some of the things that I have done recently! It was kind of a more boring and less amusing week, but I learned to appreciate all the little things and make the best of what life throws at you.  IMG_1249

School can be very stressful and sometimes, a little overwhelming. OK, maybe very overwhelming! Im one to take frequent breaks from it all and have some fun every now and then. Personally, it had been an extremely long and rough day and I just wanted to let my mind be free and not stress about how much homework I had to do and how many tests I had to study for. Yesterday, myself and a couple of friends went to State St. in downtown Santa Barbara to hang out and let off some steam.   We are all very familiar with the area and love to walk around and see what everyone’s up to. For anyone who has never been, I highly recommend you pay a visit. It’s full of life and people. It’s a great place to walk around and explore because of the shops and IMG_1218restaurants, along with the beach only being about a mile down and so many cool sights to feast your eyes on.  We walked around for a couple hours and got some ice cream along the way! Ice cream is the one thing I am always in the mood for and something I would eat everyday if I could!

After eating ice cream and walking around we decided to head home. My friend Amber came home with me and we went straight to doing our homework. Stacks of papers and notebooks accumulated on my bed as we studied for biology and wrote AP World History notes, and I can’t forget about blasting some Justin Bieber and G-Eazy as we did our work. All in all I had a long day, but it ended with one of my closest friends and some new memories.


Yesterday I learned that no matter how bad of a day your having, you are in control of your emotions and your actions and can easily change your attitude and make your day better. I once read a book by Mod Sun entitled, “Did I Ever Wake Up,” and in the book he writes:”No one controls your feeling but you, therefore, you are invincible.” This is something that has really stuck with me and is something that I tell myself whenever I am having a rough day. Happiness isn’t something ready-made. It comes out of your own actions and what you choose to do. Yesterday, after a long day, I chose to forget about it all and have fun. It can be difficult to obtain and be able to maintain  this mentality, but once you do, it empowers you and allows you to make decisions and when necessary, keeps your happiness as your number 1 priority. I hope everyone had a good day yesterday, or whenever you’re reading this, and for those who didn’t, like myself,  I hope you find it in yourself to make the best of whatever situation you’re in and be happy for all the things you have been blessed with.


xoxo , sienna



2 thoughts on “Don’t Let a Bad Moment Turn into a Bad Day

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog–as your visit led me to your blog. What a great lesson to learn and share in this post. Good luck with your studies–and continuing to find ways to alleviate stress and enjoy life!


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