East Beach



Being in high school and having extra curricular activities, you sometimes lose
sight of how important it is to remain in touch and reach out to those who have
always been there for you. Today I did just that. My friends Sam and Miguel and I
decided to go to the beach. We walked from our houses, only because we all live about 10 minutes away. For some, going to the beach in the middle of February is not particularly ideal, but living in Santa Barbara, where it is pretty much 70 degrees everyday, the beach is like our backyard. Out of all the beaches in Santa Barbara, East Beach is probably my favorite. I have become really familiar with the area and what it has to offer.  For me, the beach is therapeutic, it’s my happy place. It’s a place where I go to clear my mind and let go of all the negativity. I’ve always loved the tranquility and the sense of being at ease with not only myself, but everyone around me. Whenever I’m upset, angry, or stressed, the beach is probably the most comforting place for me, besides my bed, of course. But even when I’m happy, the ocean never ceases to amaze me and being in the presence of two of my best friends made it that much better. We hung out, ate hot cheetos (surprise, surprise) and talked about our day and how we’ve all been doing. After hearing what they had to say, I became aware of the fact that it had definitely been way too long since I last had a genuine conversation with them. As we walked down the beach together, being loud and obnoxious, as usual, I realized how lucky I am to have these two amazing human beings by my side. We had a great time telling each other stories, making jokes, and laughing about all the embarrassing moments we’ve shared together. These past two years have not been the easiest for me, but being with Sam and Miguel today made me realize why  everything is so worth it. We may not always get it right, but at the end of the day, I know that we’ll always have each other. I truly believe that taking time out of your day to spend quality time with those who are important to you is not only necessary but so satisfying. So go out and have fun, even if it’s on your own, because there is nothing more empowering than enjoying your own company.

xoxo, sienna

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